How to Get Free Vaccination in Dubai – Guide for New Expat Mom

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If you are a new parent expat, baby’s vaccination here in Dubai might confuse you. Is it free? Where clinic to go? How is the procedure? These questions were on my mind after I gave birth to my son. For us mommy, the vaccine is vital for the health of our child.

Furthermore, there are specific guidelines from the Dubai Healthcare Authority that can help us understand the vaccination in Dubai. According to DHA, babies get the immunization for free from the nearby health center.  However, you have to complete the requirements needed.

There are only two ID’s you need to show to the health center so you can get an appointment and have your child vaccinated for free.

  1. Health Card of the Child
  2. Emirates ID of the Child

However, the health center has initial requirements for them to register a child in their clinic.

So here I will share to you that procedure I followed to get my son’s health card and make him registered to our nearby health center:

Documents Needed

Applying for the Health card:

  • Emirates ID of your child
  • Latest passport size picture
  • 120 Dirhams application fee for the card

For registering to a nearby health center

  • Tenancy Contract
    • If you are living in a sharing apartment and the tenancy contract is under a different name.  You can ask the landlord if you can borrow the copy of tenancy contract and give you a copy of it.
    • And then adding to that requirement, you will also include the Landlord’s passport and residence visa, and Emirates ID  copy.
    • And write an authorization letter telling that the Landlord is allowing you to use it for health center registration purposes.
  • Passport Copy of your child
  • Visa Page of your child
  • Emirates Id of your child

Apply for the Health Card

Proceed to a nearby government hospital in your area; please call what is the timings for their Health Card Application Department before going there.

  • Dubai Hospital -they are based in Al Baraha see the location here
  • Rashid Hospital – you can take the train going to green line metro station Oud Metha. Just walking distance from there.
  • Latifa Hospital – they are located in the Al Jaddaf area

Ask of me I went to Rashid Hospital since it is just walking distance from the metro station, but if you are coming from Jaffliya and take a taxi the minimum charge is 15 dirhams.

So if you are in the hospital, ask someone from the reception or information desk and ask straight about the health card processing department.

When you are there, tell that you want to apply for the health card for your son. It can take 20 – 30 min depending on how long is the ques. But I suggest you go there first thing in the morning; they are open by 7:30 am,  so you won’t have the hassle of waiting for too long.

How to register to a nearby health center

Ok so by this time you have the health card of your child issued from the government hospital.

From there go to your place’s nearby health center bring the documents; here is the list of health centers in Dubai.

They will give you the schedule for your appointment and then they will verify your tenancy contract just by checking if you are residing in the same area.

And then they will confirm to you the scheduled date for the vaccination of your child. You will receive a text message before your appointment date.

Go to your scheduled appointment date

Do not forget to bring your child’s Emirates ID and health card.

Once the scheduled date arrived, come at least 20 minutes before the time of your appointment because you will need to go to the registration and confirm your appointment and they will give you a queue number.

For the first time, they will give you a baby book to record the administered vaccination. You will need to bring this book every time you have scheduled an appointment.

During the process of vaccination, the nurse will get vitals of your child at first: birth weight, length, delivery measurement, etc. Therefore it is good to bring your discharge summary from the hospital where you have given birth because of all the required information listed on that discharge form.

And then proceed to give the vaccine. Once done, do not forget to get for the next appointment.

Mommy why not take advantage of this free vaccination in Dubai from the government health centers.


Let me know if you have questions I’m happy to assist? 🙂


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