What I observe with my 2 year old son (Toddler Developmental Checklist)

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As I watch my son, Brycen grow I am also keen on his developmental stages. His toddlerhood has started and he learns every day.  Here I listed what I observe with my 2 year old son, his progress from this milestone.


Physical Development

  • From walking, he rans fast (he resist when he puts on his stroller)
  • He jumps closely
  • He can walk on the stairs up and down with careful steps and both feet are on each step
  • He push the door strongly if closing
  • He can throw the ball – he understands this instruction also “pass the ball please”
  • He can ride on his small trike
  • He scribbles pen


Intellectual/Brain Development

  • He can recognize some objects
  • He can name his face parts and point them (nose, ears, head, hair, tongue, teeth, lips)
  • He can name colors and shapes
  • He can scroll on his favorite nursery rhymes on his tablet
  • He loves exploring books
  • He knows sound of few animals (dog, cat, monkey, bird, cow, horse,)
  • He can remove his socks and his shoes

Social and Emotional Development

  • He started sharing his toys, but not all the time.
  • He doesn’t like when I carry other child. (Cause he thinks he is the only child, maybe)
  • He can wait for his turn on the slide
  • He is very much attach to me
  • His sleeping pattern in the evening depends on his activity of that day and his nap time
  • He is very affectionate he hugs, he kiss for no reason
  • He throws tantrums as well


He talks now though, he tell 2-3 words like:

  • car
  • Yellow car, blue car, black car, white car
  • Mama get ball
  • Ball
  • Big ball, small ball
  • Door
  • Close door, open door
  • Apple
  • Red apple
  • Mama buy apple
  • Cupcake
  • Mama buy cupcake
  • Egg
  • Blue egg
  • Mama buy egg
  • He will be like “Mama come” if he needs me

He can also understand small instruction although he sometimes resist to do it.

  • “Bless daddy”
  • “Kiss mama”
  • “Wear your shoes”
  • “close the door’
  • “go inside”
  • “Don’t push”

Each child is different they are unique as an individual though sometimes I can’t help but compare my child to other child. If I find this child ahead of my son I get panic. Or other times if I find him more advance than this kid, I am feeling proud.

What is important to me is that the growth of my son is according to his age. He may develop one skill late eventually he will learn it. He may be faster or slow learner than the other children at his age, still he is my baby.  


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