Teaching Alphabet With a 2 Year-Old

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The moment my son turned two I have started teaching him the alphabet. I found him interested in learning them, I guess one of the factors is that when he was younger, I always sing him the ABC song as one of the lullabies to easily make him sleep.

I have done a research on how I can help him recognize the letters — no pressure at all as I want him to learn yet still fun as if he is just playing.

Today, I have listed some resources I used to teach Brycen the alphabet.

I used several learning materials and tried to find cheaper ones. 

Teaching the alphabet using worksheets

  1. Printables – I super love this website when it comes to downloading free printables. Its very easy to use, I will print out and then laminate the paper. I will give stick them on our bedroom wall where Brycen can easily sees them before and after he sleeps.
  2. Flashcards – I make  flashcards for Brycen’s use,  From printables I will cut it and then laminate them. I used to buy flashcars however sometime I find hard to find the one that I want him to use. So I have decided to just make at home and customized each flashcards.

Activities are a great idea too

Puzzle fun I saw this foam type puzzle in Al Karama just right down the metro station. So cool that they only cost AED 3.00 each. I bought both of the small and capital letters. Brycen enjoys playing them from time to time.

ABC Fridge Magnet – I keep these where he can easily reach. He plays them every time, he will pick up the letter and come to me to l confirm that letter.


ABC Magnet

Books – All about the letters

Book – this colorful hardbound books was a gift since his first birthday. I always put it beside Brycen’s reach. We browse them from time to time

Watching while learning the alphabet

Tablet – yes I allow him to watch on YouTube using his tablet. He sings along with the nursery rhyme song, he dances, he follows them. I think he became a visual learner.

How I Teach my 2 years old to learn the alphabet?

Learning alphabet should be fun. You don’t need to rush your child. For me, I thought that Brycen was ready to learn so I took the plunge of introducing him to the letters.

Do not base it on your child’s age as every person is different. Same with kids, let your child enjoy, go with the flow of his childhood. 

Tell the letters slowly, could be one letter each day and see what is his reaction.


I think repetition is the key, give at least 5 – 10  min if your child looks really interested then give more time. Every child passes on different development. You may try to use the learning materials I have used with my son. 


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