How to be More Productive as a Working Mom (My Productivity Log)

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As a working mother, struggle is real! Being a mom our responsibilities are continuous, we need to finish all our tasks for a day. Every day is chaos, from getting up early up to staying up late.


They say time management is the key, as for some it is really hard to balance everything. Especially if you are living abroad, you can’t ask help from relatives. Here is my activity list which helps me on tracks if not organize.


My morning time is helping me a lot

During weekdays I always have a busy day. I start my morning at 6:00 by readying my son to get up since he will be brought to the childcare by my husband.

I will be left at home with remaining two hours before going to work.  Within that time, I will do the laundry and then wash baby bottles and clean our room.

I try to do the laundry in the morning twice during my weekdays, so that I have more time during weekends.


My listings are gems

Before I don’t write my things to do even my grocery list because I can’t find time for it. I will just go to the shop and pick those items that will cross to my mind. As a result I have bought the items that I don’t need than those that are essentials. 

But I have learned my lesson now, I always carry my list of items every time I go to store. During Thursdays I have my list ready for the week. I do a quick search on internet of what will be my meal plan for the whole. 

I use my meal planner for easy line up of my listThis really works for me big time since I have lessen the time I consume inside the store.


His nap time is my “me time”

So during the weekend when we are in the house I also make sure I have a small time for myself. I will drink coffee browse internet or update my blog. I also sleep when he sleeps sometimes to regain energy.

But most of the time I use it for myself as its helps me refresh my mind. It can help me to be more proactive.


Cook food that is good for two days

Sometimes I cook two meals in one day, and then I will just reheat the food. Well my husband doesn’t mind eating pre-packed meals. He also eat left over food, he is not a picky eater. 

By just re-heating prepared food  I also save my time for my baby.  An early rest time saves energy.


Prepare things in the evening.

I pack our lunch for tomorrow after we had our dinner. I also make sure that I have tied up my son’s toys, bags, and clothes before I go to bed. And if time still permits, I arrange what I am going to wear for tomorrow. Luckily, I do not need to iron my husband’s work clothes, he just pull from the drawer and wear.

So those are my “jobs” on top of my job. Although at the end of the day, I feel like get nothing accomplished. I always have that guilty feeling though. 


But still as a mom we also need to rest for another day is different tasks.  As the quote says “you can do anything but not everything”~ David Allen

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Back then I remember they called my mom super mama, now I can relate! 


What about you mama, can you also share your productivity tips?



  1. J. Ivy Boyter

    Naptimes are DEFINITELY times to do things for yourself. Unfortunately, I stay home with my kids, so lots of times nap time also means serious work time.

  2. Laura Dennis

    You are doing a good job, Momma! It’s not an easy time to be productive, but you have some great ideas. Laying everything out the night before so there are no panics in the morning was always essential for us.

  3. Bri Adams

    Being a mom is such an adventure! I love my kids more than I can say, but they can be more than a handful 🙂 These are great ideas! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Jennifer Ostroski

    These are all great suggestions. I need to print them out and abide by them! I always start the school year out with checklists, and getting ready the night before, and all that jazz… but then it slowly goes away. Thanks for the reminders:)

  5. Mary Leigh

    Being a mom is no joke! Naptime is golden around here. And preparing things the night before is a HUGE time saver!


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