My wishlist and dreams with Brycen

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13 Mar 2017

Here is my top list must do with my baby hopefully before he turns 18, crossed fingers!!

  1. Visit the Catholic churches in UAE
  2. Visit Disneyland, Hongkong
  3. Bake and cook together (cookie monster, chocolate chips)
  4. Go inside Dubai Aquarium
  5. Ice skate together
  6. Play and swim with the dolphins
  7. Visit a museum
  8. Go camping
  9. Go to Atlantis
  10. Watch movies, role play and concert of his favorite of course!
  11. Join fun run together
  12. Mountain climbing, or maybe wall 🙂
  13. Ride a roller-coaster
  14. Visit mom and dad’s provinces
  15. Ride a horseback
  16. Go to Legoland
  17. Do the dance revo together.
  18. Go to snowy place/country.
  19. Visit a Zoo
  20. See the Merlion..

There you go! I will check those we have done and post videos and photos 🙂

And for sure, I will add more listings once Brycen can speak and tell me what he wants to do or where he wants to go places!

I can’t wait for our adventures together, my baby! xx


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Jam is currently based in Dubai, she has been working here for the past 10 years. She is also a wife and a mom to Brycen. She hopes to help and inspire other expat moms in Dubai to raise kids whilst still enjoying the beauty of the city.

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