Brycen’s First Nursery Experience

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A week ago I sent my son to a nursery for the first the time. Oh my time passes quickly, it seems like it was only yesterday when I gave birth. And here now I am talking about him going to school

To continue, a couple of weeks back I saw Chubby Cheeks Nursery Spring Camp Contest ad I registered and listed my son. And just by joining we won a free one week spring class for my son, how cool is that!

Thank you Chubby Cheeks Nursery! 🙂 


Although it is not yet official that I’m sending him to nursery. The week has let me experience a new milestone being me as first time mum. 


I took a week off from work so that I can be with him in the nursery.

As we are booked for the afternoon class he needed to stay there from 2:00 pm to 5pm so I waited for him outside the area for three hours.


Mothers are not allowed to stay in the classroom so our first day was hard for him. He didn’t let me go. But when I manage to escape from him the teachers said he cried but he was able contain himself and do the art activities. 

First day of school. First art work. (photo grabbed form CCN FBpage)



Although he was uneasy the first day, he was at ease the rest of the days of that week. As I quoted his teacher “Brycen has easily settled in the classrom.” I was feeling proud and happy for my boy.

Brycen attentively listening to the teacher.



Here I grabbed most of his photos to their official Karama branch FB page so I have souvenirs.



Time for play.




Brycen’s first certificate of participation from a nursery.


As much as I enjoyed the experience, I know he also had fun interact with other children his age.  


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