My Peg for Mommy and Baby Blogs (How to be you?)

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Since I started blogging, couple of months ago I have been following number of mommy and baby blogs over the net. Moreover, I love how these moms take care of their kids, they are super hands on to their babies. Not to mention, they can still manage to run a blog, do their daily activities, etc. and others were full-time working mama! Here I list down my five pegs which I follow and read when possible.

1. The boy and me – this blog is about mommy’s journey and tips plus the boy’s fun-filled activities, You can see on their photos their crafts and adventures together.

2. First time mom and dad – their family blog is such an inspiration for me as I’m a first time mom as well. They feature  travels and gives us tips, they also do “do-it-yourself” fun activities together, so cute, the little one enjoys those stuffs, truly this family is deserving to their numbers of awards.

3. Not your average mom – just like my mom, this mommy blogger has seven children, this blog has so much info about what is like and how is the typical day, or the “normal routine” of raising kids, she also posts conversation., which I find them, hilarious! 🙂

4.Mama say what – this blog is where I can read ideas from different moms. Just reading about their   motherhood stories, their pregnancy journey, their activities with their babies; they all make me feel great and proud as a mama too!

5. I like beer and babies – momma blogger is witty mommy, I’m amazed how she handles the               motherhood so lightly.

Although, I have not introduced myself to them by commenting to their section, but just by reading to their articles, I am learning so much from these mommies. Additionally, they’re blogs are all good reading about parenting and pregnancy advice, their messages are touching, and I can relate to these at times. Also, they post inspirational quotes, articles that as a parent make my life upbeat, and thankful.


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