Why Mixfeeding is Not Bad After All (my breastfeeding journey)

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My breastfeeding journey was one of the toughest I have been through as a mom. To breastfeed him exclusively was what I wanted for my baby. But by the time I have given birth, I can’t produce milk just yet, and it took me four days I was very frustrated but determined to give him the colostrum.

Maybe because I didn’t get a lactation consultant although my friends helped me and so as relatives who have experienced what I have been through. They have been my motivator and supporter plus my mom’s bits of advice.

Then, I needed to get a breast pump and I rave this manual pump it’s very convenient to use.

I didn’t invest in electric pump since I know my job won’t allow me. Nevertheless, the manual one was a life-saver for me. I even used this pump while on the flight. I pumped several times a day, even if I get few ounces, and then I will put them in the fridge. By the time I was producing steadily, I was able to breastfeed him exclusively for a few weeks in his first month. Until I needed to be away from him for an emergency.


When that day I needed to go back home in the Philippines, Brycen exclusively bottle-fed for 10 days. So we bought this bottles with sterilizer and it’s very functional until now that he is turning two. So my husband is giving him formula milk whilst I was away and I have to pump continuously just to sustain my breastmilk so when I return to Dubai I still have the milk. That was the hardest part, milk is there but my baby can’t have them. Luckily my nephew who is the same age as Brycen had it.



When I came back to Dubai, I didn’t have a hard time alternating both breastmilk and formula milk to him since I started giving him as early as possible. The breastmilk has been stable until now, but we also give him formula.

Today, my baby is still mix feeding if I insisted my desire to breastfeed him exclusively it would have been hard for the both of us. I realized that both are beneficial to Brycen and practical to me.


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I learned that it doesn’t matter if I don’t breastfeed exclusively, it won’t make me less of a mother to him. There are circumstances that you won’t expect which needed to be addressed as well. Bottle feeding your baby alone won’t harm as well. 🙂


So what is your breastfeeding story mommy feel free to share? 


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  1. Amy

    I love this post as I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and I really want to breastfeed. I feel also there’s so much pressure to do so. This has made me feel more confident in that it’s ok for it not to work out the way you planned 😊 xx

  2. Shelby @Fitasamamabear

    Great post! I ended up having to do mixed feeding with my first. I think no matter what you chose feeding wise it’s not easy but the reality is keeping your baby FED is best.

  3. Thersa

    This was such a huge debate when I had my second child, I did soon realize that is ok to mixfeed because she was still getting nutrients from the breast milk I could produce for her and the formula made sure got the calories she needed to grow and I now have healthy 7 year old. Great article!!

  4. Brittany

    Great post! I had the most expensive electric pump and always reverted back to the same manual pump you showed. My favorite. Love your story. You always have to just do what is best for you and baby. Everyone has so many opinions! Wish they gave as many smiles as opinions 🙂 You’re doing great mama! Keep doing YOU!