8 things I learned living away from home

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14 Mar 2017

living in Dubai

When I decided to live away from my family more than nine years ago, I was feeling scared but more excited! Certainly, I am going to miss my brothers and sisters, my parents, my friends, but at back of my head I knew I got my freedom! What I wanted!

My first few years was not that easy, struggles were there though still coming, however as time goes by my experiences has become my teacher that molds to becoming me of today!

So here I list down my realization:

1. I learn to become more independent: cook my food, wash clothes, and wake up without my mother waking me up! Not to mention my ability to multi-task and rank my day-to-day activities.

2. I become responsible:  reality strikes! Issues, obstacles and from there I learned to find solution to my problems and take control of every actions I made!

3. Embrace Changes: constantly! from apartment hopping, switch of work,workplace, workmates etc. adopt new environment, it’s very overwhelming!

4. What is in Dubai stays in Dubai: sounds intriguing huh! but yeah, Just keep most issues to myself, after all what is happening to me is my own choices so let it be!

5. Family affairs: I missed everyone’s birthday, not been able to attend brother and sister’s graduations. Can’t come to my niece and nephew’s baptismal etc…

5. Homesick: just when you need comfort from your mom when you feel horrible. Phoning them for nothing. That awful feeling inside.

7. Creating new relationship: strangers become your friends and friends become your family along the way I meet different people who have different personalities, cultures and traditions. Respect everyone is key to grow the relationship.

8. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines! nothing beats my home country, period.

Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

So yeah from my experience wherever I go I always bring my family’s spirit with me. Their comfort their love, their understanding I wont be able to survive living here without them.

Now that I have my Brycen, I am able to apply my learning whilst raising him away from his home. Hopefully, it will give positive ways in his life.



About Jam

Jam is currently based in Dubai, she has been working here for the past 10 years. She is also a wife and a mom to Brycen. She hopes to help and inspire other expat moms in Dubai to raise kids whilst still enjoying the beauty of the city.

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