Happy 2nd Birthday Brycen

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My little baby (well not so little anymore) turned TWO, it’s been another year of beautiful and blissful journey. Over the last two years Brycen has amazed us in so many ways as he is becoming to be more of himself, to be independent (oh not too soon my love!). He is smart and has the attitude of learning and exploring things on his own. Plus! he is starting to speak more words now, ahhh I can’t wait to have our mini conversation baby, I’m excited to answer your little curiosities about life.

We didn’t plan for a party this time, we chose to spend it with just us family.

On his 2nd birthday, on 19th Dec 2017, I have mixed emotions as always at 12 midnight we had our tradition of “salubong”, we were awake to blow his first cake. Although ,the time of his birth was at 6:25 am.









So we can celebrate Brycen’s birthday together, my husband and I had our day off at work.

In the morning, we started his day by going to his new found favorite place during his 2nd year, Jollibee!! We had our breakfast there while waiting for the afternoon mass. Second stop at St. Mary’s Church, thank you, Papa Jesus, for another year, for blessing him a healthy body and strong mind. We pray that you are always with him all throughout as he grows older and as he starting to get to know you more especially to follow your will!

After the mass we had our brunch in the hotel, we then joined by my sister and her friend plus my cousin who became our official photographer of the day! Since I took the voucher that has a pool access, Brycen enjoyed his day, swimming his new found interest during his 2nd year!! Ah, this little boy of mine likes water, I think he can spend a day at the swimming pool! But I needed to cut our bathing short as it’s very cold since the area is not covered.  Oh boy, the moment I took him from the pool he cried his lungs out!! So, after that swimming session, we went straight to his birthday feast! It was a combination of Arabic / Indian/Chinese food, at least for a change! We normally eat best of Filipino food whenever there’s occasion, but this time we wanted to have a little bit of new taste!

We finished the brunch around 4 pm, we then decided to go and eat ice cream, his favorite food to indulge!!

Whilst, in the metro going to Burjuman he was already feeling asleep, so I asked him to walk and play so he won’t sleep and still enjoy the remaining hours of his birthday. And yey! We reached to the ice cream store, but no he can’t fight his sleepiness anymore! And ,another scoop of ice cream and voila he slept soundly. 🙂

And whilst Brycen is sleeping, my sister and friend need to go to work for their afternoon duty. And my cousin has to do some errands.

My husband and I then decided to go to Dubai Mall, thinking that when we reached there Brycen is awake and he will see the big Aquarium. Fish enlighten his eyes his favorite animal the soonest he met them.

And we planned to end his day by going to soft play. However, he didn’t wake up until we reached the end of Dubai Mall metro bridge.

To sum it up we just go with the flow of his day, we spent it doing what he wants to do, and it was his day anyway. We as his parents cannot give him the world but we can only give him what the world can offer him.

I love you so much, my little boy! As you step another stage of your life mama and daddy are just here for you guiding and supporting you. We will always love you unconditionally and we will always hold your hands as long as you want us to so you will be able to reach all of your dreams. My wish for you is that you always be happy and stay sweet as you are today. I pray to God that he continuously give you a healthy body and mind, that He bless you constantly! – Love, Mama, and Daddy

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