Baby Diaper in Dubai – Here’s Why You Must Get Both Cloth Diaper and Disposable Diaper for your Baby

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Back the time I was pregnant, I did quite few research about diapering. Especially, where I can find cloth diaper in Dubai. I was feeling confused because I heard different use and effects of these two kinds of diapers: cloth and the disposable.

Furthermore, I did a comparison and I learned that one’s advantage could be the disadvantage of the other when baby uses them and then I have decided to just get these two kinds.

Categorically, at some aspects, they both have been useful to my baby as time passes by. And since my baby’s diaper needs are evolving as he is growing so fast choosing to have them both has been a lifesaver for me as a mom.

Here I list down why you should get both cloth and disposable types of the diaper for your baby’s use.

Cloth Diaper in Dubai

Reusable Diaper

  • They are reusable, meaning you can save money. Sometimes if I know that I am running out of disposable I let him use reusable.
  • They have cute and colorful designs, that I don’t need to wear him other shorts
  • Baby has less diaper rash, as the baby’s skin is so sensitive using cloth will have less exposure to some sort of chemicals from disposable diapers.
  • You don’t have to worry when you run out of disposable diaper in the evening or late night
  • It’s environment-friendly because there is no waste produced studies showed.

Disposable Diaper in Dubai

  • They are convenient to use when it’s done just wrap it and disposed of.
  • No frequent change, my baby use them during the night so we can both have full-time sleep
  • You do not need to worry about piling up your laundry.
  • Practical to use when traveling as they can be thrown easily.

What I learned is that both kinds are the good choice to have since they have different essentials for my baby. So mommy, let me know your preference to your baby’s use?


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  1. Kya

    My son is almost out of the diaper stage (finally), but I am open for trying reusable diapers if I have another baby.

    You mention that reusable diapers need to be changed more frequently – how often do you change on average?