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Teaching Alphabet With a 2 Year-Old

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19 Feb 2019
The moment my son turned two I have started teaching the alphabet to him. I found him interested in learning it. Maybe one of the factors is that when he was baby, I always sing the ABC song as one of the lullabies to put him to sleep. I have done a
How to Get Free Vaccination in Dubai – Guide for New Expat Mom
If you are a new parent expat, baby’s vaccination here in Dubai might confuse you. Is it free? Where clinic to go? How is the procedure? These questions were on my mind after I gave birth to my son. For us mommy, the vaccine is vital for the health of
Best Way to do Money Transfer - For Busy Working Expat Mom
In a country like UAE where different nationalities are living and working, sending money family back home is one main priority. Once the pay-day arrived expats here will automatically remit money to their homeland. But what is the best way to do money transfer for us expats? I think that it is