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In a country like UAE where different nationalities are living and working, sending money family back home is one main priority. Once the pay-day arrived expats here will automatically remit money to their homeland. But what is the best way to do money transfer for us expats?

I think that it is part of everyone’s life to give back to our family. I am an expat in Dubai for the past decade and sending money back home has been my way of helping my family.

I used to go to cash remittance shops. And I thought that it was the best way to do a money transfer, though that was the only way to do it. I have always hated the long lines. I used to wait half an hour for my turn. It was a time-wasting because I needed to travel to go to the shop and then wait for the long queues.

So then here comes my little boy who is also like me, no patience for waiting. From there I have said to myself that I need to send money online if I want to skip all the hassle of doing it through remittance shops.

And for a busy working mom like me, I think the best way to do money transfer is thru online. At first, I was hesitant because I might fall for something which can fade my hard-earned money. And then I researched thoroughly and had read about WorldRemit.

Online Money Transfer Services are using Debit Card or Credit Card

Aside from it is a modern way of transferring money, doing it online using ATM card or credit card makes me freak out! Is it safe? Yes, I can confirm that for you!

Indeed using WorldRemit is very safe aside from its fast to use, they are efficient and especially convenient for me as a working mom.

This way I can do it on my computer at work during break time. Or I can do it on my phone even while on the train or taxi for as long as I have internet on my phone.

World Remit – A better way to send money

I stumbled upon WorldRemit in 2014. However, I didn’t use their services more often than, as I said I was quite hesitant to do online transactions. But over time I find their services very efficient. Their customer service is round the clock. I emailed them immediately and got a response within 24 hours!

I had met a few issues about my money remittances before. And, they were able to fix it successfully.

Here are my emails proof of last paid transaction using their money transfer services;

WorldRemit will send you an email once your beneficiary (family member/friend) successfully received the money you sent. They do not have hidden charges, the exact amount of money you sent is what your receiver will get!

How to use World Remit and see how if it works for you?

It very easy and simple to use. Use my referral link for us to get AED 60 or USD 16 each, every time we send money to our family for not less than AED 300 or USD 80 per transaction.

Step by step process:

1. Sign up here and fill in your details to create a free account







2. Choose the country where do you want to send money

3 Then choose how would you want to send your money: they have a bank deposit, cash pick up, mobile transfer and airtime. Personally, I only have used their cash pick services since I prefer fast money transaction.













4. Once you have chosen the service, just select the payout network or where would you like your recipient to pick up the money from. If you choose bank transfer you will just then need to enter the account number.













5. Choose how much you want to send or how much you want them to receive. It will be clearly shown with all the conversion.















6. Enter your recipient details and once you have added a name, it will be saved automatically for future use.













7. Lastly, pay by using your debit card or credit card, I guarantee you, either way, it’s very safe. You can confirm and just wait for the email they will send to you in no time.








Both of you and your recipient will get email and SMS confirmation about your transaction, from the beginning until the money received by your recipient.

The Benefits of Online Money Transfer 

  • For busy moms like me, it is very convenient.
  • The website is very secure for any fraud, and financial data of their customers are well secured
  • The system is user-friendly.
  • They have 24/7 customer service and are available to reach both online and calls.
  • I like that I can get access to the history of every transaction I made.

Expats send money from any part of the world. By using an on online money transfer services it is important to choose the reliable one. And while sending money online is the best way to do money transfer we should not let our hard-earned money lost. The rule of thumb when transacting online, the website is very well secured.

Is this helpful to you leave me a comment below, I’m happy to assist?

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  1. Henry Collins

    Good alternative to do a money transfer. Today they are a few apps that do money transfers. I use a lot Paypal app. It fast, easy and reliable.


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