Hiya! I’m a proud mommy of Brycen, this cute little boy is just growing so soo fast. That’s why I decided to get into blogging to share with you our life journey. Plus, my life took 360-degree-turn the moment I gave birth to him. Today, everything is full of excitement, fun and it is like roller coaster ride of emotions for me and my husband.

We waited for him and we just can’t thank enough our God for sending us this little precious!

Also, I’m a Filipino working and living in Dubai for the past 9 years. My career here has evolved in the recruitment industry. As an OFW life is a challenge since I have been away from my family. Yet, when Brycen arrived living here has become more meaningful plus it’s never been this beautiful. However, me and my husband need to work at the same time take care of the baby.

Mommy ni Brycen plus life as an expat?!!

Yup! the struggle is REAL! 🙂


This blog is dedicated to all working mommies, of course! stay-at-home moms are very much welcome as well. Also, to all parents who are raising their children outside of our home country. In addition,  I would like to share my knowledge and experience in my field which is the recruitment in this blog as well, so I can help other fellow kabayan who are trying to find job here in Dubai.  

And there you go! Our conversation medium will be in Tagalog and English. Or maybe Tag-lish, But there may be posts that will mostly be in Tagalog or English. Yes! not everyone can speak fluent English, even me!