5 Perks of Having a Little Boy

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27 Mar 2017

I got thrilled when we knew we are expecting a baby boy. Initially I wanted a girl, all because I want someone who is “little me”. However, the moment I saw him, held in my arms the feelings came out naturally. No words can express.

When he turns one, my boy became more adorable, he learns to express his emotion, he can understand small things that we teach him.

Here I list five things what I observed and as a mom it is the best reward ever!

  1. Such a clingy little one – I can sense a mama’s boy 🙂 He runs and hugs after me every time he sees me entering the door. He always wants to be beside me on bed and will put his legs on top of mine. 
  2. There is something with daddy’s voice he listens to his dad, though he will check my reaction. 
  3. That smile on his face – it always melts my heart, that awe feeling that make my day. 
  4. Showering of Kisses – how I love his kisses, he will open his mouth and just do the smack on my lips and my face.. yes mouth wide open!!
  5. Easy to play along with – we play peek-a-boo and play with his small cars, shoot the ball, wrestle, so much fun. 

I can say that I have bounteous to discover as he gets older. For the moment, I am enjoying this phase of his development.

Also, I have read more benefits of having a baby boy in this article bellybell, that I am looking forward to his growth. Today, I am happy how he surprises me with his gestures, yes! one lucky mama here!



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Jam is currently based in Dubai, she has been working here for the past 10 years. She is also a wife and a mom to Brycen. She hopes to help and inspire other expat moms in Dubai to raise kids whilst still enjoying the beauty of the city.

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