5 Learnings About Travelling with Toddler

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Travelling with a toddler is not easy I should know since I have seen few times before, I saw mother’s efforts when with her cranky child on board. So, to be prepared for Brycen’s first airplane ride since for sure he will feel strange and all. I read many articles on how to handle toddler whilst on a flight. I even asked some of my friends who had experienced the same. But really you would only know what is going to happen once you are in the situation.

We had our first family holiday in May, it was our first-time yippee! I was excited because Brycen will come to see and meet our family in the Philippines for the very first time.

Our first family travel

I applied some of those readings I had also I learned few things during the whole travel. Although, I list down those experiences so that next time, it will be my source when we plan for another vacation.

1.Time of the flight

If I can choose again our departure time it would definitely be a night-time! I remember we left

travelling with toddler

When we are about to board.

Dubai at 5:30 in the morning, Brycen’s body alarm is he is about to wake up. Though, the whole time we were boarding he was awake. First on the list is really the flight timings!

2. Use the online check-in as soon as it opens

In order to reserve the front seats, I will monitor this function earlier than what they said. I didn’t realize that time so we ended up sitting in the middle of the third row. And it was difficult for us to move. 

3. Travel Bag is Essential

Pack his travel bags with must list snacks, toys, and entertainment he got easily board on his seat. That we ended walking down the long aisle.

4. Bring disposable diaper, both pull-ups, and non-pull up.

The time that lavatory was full we have no choice but to change his diaper on his seat so we needed the not pull-ups.

Also read: cloth vs disposable diaper

5. Bring ride on suitcase for his sleep.

Since he is big already for the bassinet, he slept on my lap and both of us struggle trying to find a comfortable space.


It was my first shall I say, charge it to experience it is safe to say so, but I have learned from what had happened and promise to take some list a priority.


So yeah, mommy what can you add more to my list that I can note down the next time we travel again?