What do I do When I Feel Like I’m a Bad Mom

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30 Jan 2018
I am a first mom. Sometimes I have this feeling that I am not doing the proper way in raising my child. Well there are also days that I feel like I am good at it. But since I work, the thought of being a crappy mom is stronger every time
Did you know that our kids can also teach us about life, mom?   As I witness my little one growing up he has brought so much of realization in me about life. I maybe his mom but when I see his eyes there so much that he thought me

The One Mistake I’m Glad I Made

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16 Jan 2018
Don’t get me wrong, I made a lot of mistakes in my life. But if I write them all, a page or two would never be enough for a post. I am pointing this one painful but thankful decision I made, because this has brought me so much of lessons

Happy 2nd Birthday Brycen

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10 Jan 2018
My little baby (well not so little anymore) turned TWO, it’s been another year of beautiful and blissful journey. Over the last two years Brycen has amazed us in so many ways as he is becoming to be more of himself, to be independent (oh not too soon my love!).