10 Things I want my son to learn before he turns thirteen

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My son is too far from teenager, as of writing he just turned one and I do not want to push the fast-forward button just yet!

But I know time flies, in just blink of an eye he will be a teenager and that’s before I know it! By the time it happens, as mom I have to set clear goals in mind. He needs to learn these things and to choose the right path.

Here, I list down the things I want him to learn before he reach this age.

  1. Seek God: above everything else! Choose Papa Jesus,. pray ask His forgiveness, always keep the faith!
  2. Learn the importance of family – make time for daddy, mommy and siblings, find time with family.
  3. Be Kind – and the rest will follow, respectful, polite and humility.. etc.. reach out to your neighbors, your friends. Help people who needs help and think other people as well. Be humble.
  4. Learn to control yourself: temptation is everywhere! Girls, vices, bad influences. Teen-ager are typically happy-go-lucky. They do not know what will be the consequences of their behavior. Hopefully I can instill this as one of his main behavior.10 things I want my son to learn before he turns thirteen
  5. Learn to accept and let go of failures: these will come along the way. Be sport.  Just keep trying and get up from where you get stuck! And say charge it to experience.
  6. Money is not everything – they say the earlier you start teaching a child about money the better off he will be. So yes! financial responsibility is the sixth!
  7. Technology: so many risks inside the online world. hopefully I can teach him to limit its use and learn more from books.
  8. Build up confidence: but not too confident son!
  9. Learn to take care and be responsible for yourself. – independent, you can cook for yourself, you can do the laundry and iron your clothes. Those small stuffs for yourself 🙂
  10. Learn to wait basically do not rush! especially with love 🙂 It will happen in God’s perfect time!

I am not expecting him to learn all those things perfectly! This list will serve as my guide for myself. After all, as his mom, I’m  his main contributor whatever he will become in the future!

And for the meantime let me enjoy  little age and fulfill our bucketlist.



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