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Best Way to do Money Transfer – For Busy Expats

In a country like UAE where different nationalities are living and working, sending money to their family back home is one main priority. Once the pay-day arrived expats here will automatically remit money to their homeland. But what is the best way to do money transfer for us expats? I think that it is part of everyone’s life to give back to our family. I am an expat in Dubai for the past decade and sending money back home has been my way of helping my family. I used to go to cash remittance shops. And I thought that it was the best...


My Son’s First Nursery Experience

A week ago I sent my son to a nursery for the first the time. Oh my time passes quickly, it seems like it was only yesterday when I gave birth. And here now I am talking about him going to school.  To continue, a couple of weeks back I saw Chubby Cheeks Nursery Spring Camp Contest ad I registered and listed my son. And just by joining we won a free one week spring class for my son, how cool is that! Thank you Chubby Cheeks Nursery! 🙂    Although it is not yet official that I’m sending him to nursery. The...


Easy Mashed Potato Balls

Easy Potato Balls for your kids Since my son is becoming a picky eater I always run out of ideas of what food to give. Sometimes, I cannot give him food that he already ate for that day. I always browse the internet and choose which is easy to make and I will just do a little of personalized of mama touch. I saw this recipe and tried to cook. It just gave me 40mins to prepare since its only minimal procedure, Ingredients: Half Kilo Potatoes 4 pcs of normal size (depending on size) 2 Eggs           ...


What I observe with my 2 year old son (Toddler Developmental Checklist)

As I watch my son, Brycen grow I am also keen on his developmental stages. His toddlerhood has started and he learns every day.  Here I listed what I observe with my 2 year old son, his progress from this milestone.   Physical Development From walking, he rans fast (he resist when he puts on his stroller) He jumps closely He can walk on the stairs up and down with careful steps and both feet are on each step He push the door strongly if closing He can throw the ball – he understands this instruction also “pass the ball please” He...


12 Inspiring Quotes about Motherhood

I love quotes. When I was in college I would collect them by writing down to my subject notebooks. For me quote defines thoughtful feelings because they have deeper meaning. I have listed my favorite quotes being a mother so far they came from the wildest list on the internet. These quotes have significance for me they really touch my “motherly heart”.   “I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.” —Oprah Winfrey.   “There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a...


How to be More Productive as a Working Mom (My Productivity Log)

As a working mother, struggle is real! Being a mom our responsibilities are continuous, we need to finish all our tasks for a day. Every day is chaos, from getting up early up to staying up late.   They say time management is the key, as for some it is really hard to balance everything. Especially if you are living abroad, you can’t ask help from relatives. Here is my activity list which helps me on tracks if not organize.   My morning time is helping me a lot During weekdays I always have a busy day. I start my morning at...


What do I do When I Feel Like I’m a Bad Mom

I am a first mom. Sometimes I have this feeling that I am not doing the proper way in raising my child. Well there are also days that I feel like I am good at it. But since I work, the thought of being a crappy mom is stronger every time I leave him.   For example, I let him indulge on his favorite ice cream every time he wants it, and then I felt bad afterwards because he got colds. I also feed him junk foods, we eat fast food and I give chocolates. Where I shouldn’t be as his healthy lifestyle in...


What Moms (even Dads) Can Learn from Their Kids

Did you know that our kids can also teach us about life, mom?   As I witness my little one growing up he has brought so much of realization in me about life. I maybe his mom but when I see his eyes there so much that he thought me about important things in life. Have fun and enjoy every single day even just for simple things Just by smelling the flower every time we pass by at the park gives my son pure joy. He doesn’t need extravagant things to be happy.  This may be a cliché but its candid,... 0

The One Mistake I’m Glad I Made

Don’t get me wrong, I made a lot of mistakes in my life. But if I write them all, a page or two would never be enough for a post. I am pointing this one painful but thankful decision I made, because this has brought me so much of lessons as a mother of I am today! Back in May 2015, finally I got pregnant! My husband and I are going to be parents after a year in our marriage and 10 years of being together. It was one of the best days of our lives when the doctor confirmed the news...